Ramone Clarke

Freelance Developer

I develop custom web solutions that meet your unique business needs

I am Ramone, a London-based front-end web developer specialising in creating web experiences using React/NextJS. I'm available for freelance work with small businesses and founders.

retube app screenshots

My Work

lazyflicks screenshot
lazyflicks screenshot


LazyFlicks is a movie and TV show discovery platform built using NextJS and Django. This full stack web app helps you find new movie & show recommendations and identifies where to stream them.

retube app screenshot
retube app screenshot


Retube enhances your YouTube experience with AI-powered tools. Generate transcribed text snippets, create video summaries, and access your created content within your account. Extra features are available with paid subscriptions, integrated with Stripe.

retube screenshot
retube screenshot

Retube Landing Page

A sleek and responsive landing page showcasing the features and prices of the Retube app. Built using NextJS and Sanity CMS, and featuring a seamless user experience on any device

cryptotrkr screenshot
cryptotrkr screenshot


A powerful web app that provides live crypto prices and information. Manage your portfolio, coin watchlists, and personalized price alerts

Services I offer

I offer a range of web development services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a custom solution or have a specific requirement in mind, I can help bring your vision to life. Check out my services below and reach out if you would like to work together.

Custom web development services

Tailored to your goals

I specialise in crafting fully customized websites and applications that align with your unique business goals and requirements.

Multiple options

Do you need a simple website, a web app, an ecommerce store, a SaaS app, or any other type of digital solution? I can meet your specific requirements and deliver a high-quality product.

Design to website/web app

Got a design already?

Have a design that you want to have built into a web application or website?

Front-end development

Whether you have a UI/UX design or a wireframe, I specialise in taking your existing design assets and translating them into a dynamic and interactive web app or website using the latest frontend technologies.

Custom feature implementation

New feature?

Looking to expand the capabilities of your existing React/Next.js based web app?

I can help

Whether you need to enhance functionality, integrate third-party services, or introduce innovative capabilities? I can help you extend your web application with high-quality feature development.

Headless CMS


Are you in need of a modern and efficient way to manage your website's content?

Headless CMS integrarion

I can build content-rich websites that leverage the power of a headless CMS. I build the frontend tailored to your needs and integrate a headless CMS, enabling you to create, update, and distribute content with ease.

What is a Headless CMS?

Headless content management systems empower you to have full control over your content while providing a seamless integration between your frontend website and the powerful backend CMS.

Is it for you?

This would be the perfect solution if you need a marketing site, a landing page, an ecommerce store, or any other content-heavy project.


Project planning and strategy:

Have a project in mind that you need help with building? I work with you to define clear goals, establish realistic timelines, and determine the optimal project scope. I help you devise effective strategies to execute projects smoothly. Together, we'll chart a path to achieve your desired outcomes.

Technical guidance:

I offer technical guidance to help you make informed decisions in choosing frameworks, libraries, and technologies for your project.

Reliable partner for your journey:

Consider me your dedicated partner in the product journey. With my consultation services, you'll have a trusted advisor who understands your needs, provides guidance, and helps you achieve your goals.

Ongoing Support

Reliable ongoing support

Stay confident in the growth of your projects with my reliable ongoing support. From adding new features to ensuring smooth operations, I offer ongoing support that keeps your projects running.

Guidance and maintenance

I'm available to answer your questions and provide the guidance you require. You can focus on your goals while I take care of your project's maintenance and support needs.

Tools I use

Let's work together!